Address: 5032 SE 26th Avenue. Portland, Oregon 97202

Phone: 503-232-4807

Fax: 503-232-1769

Hours of Operation Mon- Fri 8am-3pm, Sat & Sun: CLOSED

Welcome to Roofer's Union Local 49 Where “We Take Pride in Our Profession!”

The goal of our Union is to work with our Signatory Contractors in a common partnership. Together we create the work ethic of safety, quality, and efficiency. We feel that a hard days work deserves honest wages, good benefits, and a pension to have when a craftsman retires. Only by working together can labor and management succeed in the workplace.

We have the best apprenticeship the industry can offer here in the Portland area. Quality, skill and pride are taught to each of our Apprentices. Our new roofers go through rigorous training to attain the high quality of workmanship needed to receive the “journeyman” title.

Our Journeyman stand behind all their work giving the customer the highest quality product that the industry can provide.

Advantages of being a Union roofer and waterproofer:

  1. Great starting pay, $20.78/Hour on the check + $15.08 benefit package per hour
  2. Health insurance for the whole family (after working 490 hours for eligibility)
  3. Pension that you can retire with (start earning your pension your first hour worked)
  4. Sense of accomplishment after a days work
  5. Time to spend with your family during seasonal break
  6. A closed union to protect your unemployment benefits during times when you're not working because of weather or when you're in school
  7. A career that you can use around the world
  8. A formal education in a construction trade, with college credit
  9. Savings Deduction you get every December to help you get through the winter months

If you know someone who currently is roofing or would like to roof in the future, and is not in the Union, have them check us out. They will be glad they did.

For excellent quality roofs please call one of our Signatory Contractors.

Our membership meetings start at 7:00 pm every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Union hall 5032 SE 26th Avenue. Portland, Ore 97202. We usually provide dinner right before the meeting, so if you're hungry please come a little early.